Is America underwater?

A quick analysis of John Doe financial life in 2022

Sol Pirela

1/19/20220 min read

Is America underwater?

While the pandemic is rising up also is the cost of living in America!

Covid cases are on the rise as well as everything else in the USA but salaries, making the cost of living for many unsustainable, the minimum wage in most states are below $15 per hour and rent and mortgage payments being over $1000 per month for a studio apartment or over $1700 for a two bedrooms house leaving employees with no more than living paycheck to paycheck and getting just into deep debt.

In the meantime, middle-class North American residents are desperately waiting for the government and the Senate to make up their minds about individuals deserving to make at least $15 an hour to cover living expenses.But let’s face it, while the government discusses this matter back and forth, not only the pandemic is getting unstoppable also homeless people, bankruptcies, suicides, addiction, depression, and anxiety cases are out of control, and if you wonder what’s going on? Here is why! Some say “people don’t want to work or the stimulus check has them spoilt, people became lazy” my very personal and humble opinion is that people are realizing that they have been exploited for decades and needs a change to be made after the significant inflation and the high cost of living that we are experiencing these days, this only seems beneficial to greedy cooperations that want to implement the slavery of the new era, and where people are finally opening their eyes and refusing to be controlled like robots for the rest of their lives and most of them are looking for a better and more profitable option. They can not only be the owner of their time also they can take back control of their lives and finances creating what Corporate American had called the greatest resignation but what I called the greatest awakening. So let's do some math, “numbers don’t lie” let's do a basic budget for a single 30-year-old individual that lives alone having a very humble life.

We will call him John Doe, who lives in a studio apartment outside Orlando and pays $1080 per month and that's including renter’s insurance, gym, and trash, his light bill is approx $60 and his water bill $40, the internet is essential, so he pays for basic internet $60, he can’t afford cable, so he pays for Netflix $15, and finally, he paid $50 phone bill per month, that’s with the utilities, groceries he spent about $100 per week on food, so he can do meal prep to keep him self fit, healthy and to avoid eating out, luckily he has great credit, and he is leasing a small sedan, and he has a $200 payment, and he pays $100 for his full cover insurance. With the pandemic he lost his job as a salesperson for a recognized corporation, and he decided to get a job as a receptionist for a medical building making $15 per hour, he is a full time, and his monthly income is $2000 per month after taxes, benefits, and retirement.

Where does that leave John Doe after living expenses every month?That put’s John Doe -$5 per month, no counting that he has to pay for gas to move around and maintenance for his car, personal expenses, and well since he is left with a negative balance minimum payment on his credit card.Unfortunately, John Doe can’t go out or have a partner because he can’t afford it, so he becomes frustrated and often depressed, he suffers from anxiety and panic attacks when he tries to figure out how to make it until the next paycheck without having to pile up into credit card debt.

The ugly truth in the United States of America is that the popular stimulus check is just a little help for people to pay some of their debt, rent, or mortgage that is left behind because many residents are on the debate of paying for their bills or putting food in their table and the worse realization is that the middle working class in the USA don’t have an opportunity to grow and live a successful life beside the lie that they have been sold for decades of living in pure debt after debt. That being said, for many out there that are thinking, what’s the point of working in Corporate America making less than $20 per hour to get enough credit and finance a house for 30 years and a car for 8 years and retired with a $900 a month check. Is that really worth it? Is that really worth a whole life of sacrifice and hard work? Is that why we came to this word? Is the goal to live a miserable and poor life until you have to depart, all this to retire after 25+ years of service and still be working at 75 years old? Will we ever again have a happy ending for the people in North America? And they would eventually be able to find the American Dream back in this blessed land, or is being always a selling pretty commercial?

I leave this open discussion, if you are a John Doe, if you going through this, if you have this realization, is not over yet, it doesn’t end here, if you find your freedom, if you broke the chains, if you are the owner of your own destiny, if you find your way, don’t stop, keep going, keep fighting, share your experience and comment below and may God Bless the PEOPLE in American!

Sol Pirela

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