Mentoring for entrepreneurs

Do you need help with your new venture?
"Yes, I need to set up my business"

Taking the first steps is not easy. You have a lot to learn: you consume videos, podcasts and courses relevant to your project. The information you accumulated is beyond you, you have no idea how to apply it. One day you are productive and the next you don't want to do anything. And although you want to dedicate yourself fully to your business, you do not dare to leave your day job.

"Yes, I want to build my business credit"

Now you face new challenges. You need to stablish your entrepreneurship: place every though in you head into a business plan and start getting everything orginized bucause you want to see results as soon as posible. When you think about business credit, your mind says that is way to confusing and complicated for you. You dream of bringing your ideas to reality but you don't dare to approach anyone, and although you have a great idea, you don't know where to start.

Properly Stablish yor business

599 USD

You can pay in two installments:
50% at the beginning of the first month, and the other 50% at the beginning of the second. Remember that with personalized mentoring, the monthly quotas are limited. Business setup expenses are charge separely.

Why choose me as your mentor?
close up photography of black and white ceramic mug on table
close up photography of black and white ceramic mug on table

I am Sol Pirela, and the most powerful reason I can give you is simple:
I am going to help you walk at a fast pace, a path that many entrepreneurs take years on. I started my very first business in 2012 and because I did not have the necessary knowledge, it took me more than 10 years to properly stablish a good business fundation. Despite this, I have many years of experience as a entrepreneur and I also certified financial especilist, my best quality is to know the struggles and the hype, the ups and downs and my success is in helping others on how to become financially independent, debt-free, educating many to understand how the financial system works, assisting other to take the first step in the journey to become business owners, it brings great satisfaction to hear thanks later on and see all that you were able to archive making the correct financial decisions. 

What do you think? 

Get your business register

We would focus on register your business the right way.

Get a professional number

You will get a toll-free number or a business number.

Get a professional e-mail

You will get a professional email to proof your legitimacy.

Get you brand

I'll work on getting you stated with your business positioned, we would work together with professionals that will help you with your website, logo and brand to stand out from other and show you the real deal.

It's going to work like this
Introduction form

I will send you a form to learn more about your business and expectations. This way I will know how to best guide you.

Initial live chat

In the first video call we will establish the guidelines to follow during our setup to you new business.

Mail support

I will set aside one day a week to answer all the questions you send me via email so you have ongoing support throughout the way.

Video calls

We will have a call or video call every week. Each one will be one hour long. During our calls, I will review progress and set the goals for the next session.